The Slovak Republic



Main information:

Area: 49 035km2

Population: 5.4 million inhabitants

Member of EU since 2004



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Our secondary economic school is situated in the south of Slovakia in the small town Lučenec. Lučenec has 28 120 inhabitants. Our town is not big, but it has a few beautiful historical buildings, such as Calvin church, newly remodeled synagogue and city hall, or historical building of Reduta.

Our school is vocational school and its main field of study are economical subjects. Students are educated mainly in the subjects like Slovak language and literature, two different foreign languages, such as English and German or Russian, then other subjects like Math, Business Economics, Accounting, Informatics, Administration and Correspondence and other vocational subjects.

There are 216 students studying at our school this school year and we have 20 teachers. Our school was reconstructed within years 2010 and 2011 thanks to the project of the EU. The classrooms are equipped with computers, tablets, projectors, white boards and interactive boards. We have classrooms with tablets and electronic dictionaries, also interactive whiteboards with special software for lessons of foreign languages. We have also a schoolroom equipped with furniture looking like a real office for lessons of the subject “business in practice”.

After 4-year study, students do special final exams called “MATURITA”. It consists of 3 subjects: Slovak language, one foreign language and economic subjects. In the pictures, you can see students and teachers at this final exam. Graduates acquire professional qualification of a future economist, a private entrepreneur, an employee of a financial institution and others. Our graduates also study successfully at different universities focused mostly on economics.

Students may involve themselves in a number of secondary school competitions and Olympiads. They also have the possibility to join various after-school courses.




Thanks to the project Erasmus+, our students have an opportunity to complete the professional training in different foreign countries. Also, it is a great chance to improve their ability in a foreign language, learn more about different cultures and visit a lot of beautiful places and sites. Since 2009, our school has been successful in 4 mobility projects and has created the international network of partners over the years (Malta, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia, France). One of the countries they usually visit is Great Britain. They have already been to Porthsmouth, Southampton and London. The next country the students travel to is the Czech Republic. They usually come to Nový Jičín. The other country the students visit is Hungary. The town they usually go to is Ózd. The last and very attractive country where the students love to go is Malta. The key employees are experienced and dedicated teachers who have supported over 150 students in their initial vocational training so far. We do have a lot of experience with international mobilities. Last year our school was awarded the Erasmus+ Charter.

Every second year, the students join the program Euroscola which is also supported by the EU. The aim is to raise awareness of young people about EU. It is also a competition and the price is possibility to visit European parliament in Strasbourg and discuss different topics with the members of European parliament. Our school has already won this competition 4 times.