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Area: 543 965 kmĀ²

Population: 65.1 million inhabitants

Member (founder) of EU since 1952







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Isabelle Viviani is a public vocational school located in Epinal, in the North East of France. It is ruled by the Nancy-Metz Academy. It is a boarding school with a school restaurant which welcomes 416 students, coming mostly from modest social and cultural backgrounds, 47 teachers and total staff of 98 people. Our students (60% of girls, 40% of boys), some facing difficulties or suffering from disabilities are prepared to vocational diplomas in sales, reception, logistic, business and administrative management. They also have study 2 compulsory languages: English as a first language and German or Spanish as the second one. During 3year-training, they must have between 16 or 22 weeks of work placements in surrounding companies. Our objectives, though a project teaching approach are to make our vocational school place of learning, training, education and accountability as well as of cultural and international openness, in a spirit of tolerance and respect.






Our school has always been involved in European projects, like previous Comenius or Leonardo da Vinci programs or E-twinning exchanges. Since 2012, Isabelle Viviani vocational school is the only one ni the Vosges to offer the students the opportunity to choose the European section in English option. Thank to partnership with DAREIC (Discrit Organisation for European and International relations and cooperation) and so KA1 project European grants, 31 of our students since 2014 have had a 4-week work experience in Czech Republic, Poland or Germany. This time, 10 students will put into practice their professional skills, 8 in Czech Republic and two other in Spain. No doubt that this experience has a strong cultural, professional and linguistic impact on our students. Their motivation is strengthened, their exams results are better and almost all of them want to go on studying. We also welcomed 12 Polish students for a work experience in Epinal in September 2015 and will welcome 6 Czech students and 6 Slovak students next year. As a vocational school, observing and experiencing different job practices through internships abroad is essential as well as teaching some professional subjects in English.