Business throughout Europe, KA2 


Our final meeting of the project Erasmus +, Business throughout Europe took place at secondary vocational school Educa in Nový Jičín, Czech republic from the 1st April 2019 to 5th April 2019. 


All partners from Slovakia, France and Czech Republic met at the welcome dinner in the hotel Praha, in Nový Jičín on the first day, 1st April 2019. We discussed the programme of the final meeting and its activities during the whole week. 


On the second day of the project meeting, the 2nd April 2019, we met with our partners at secondary vocational school Educa in Nový Jičín. We viewed the updated web site of the project ( each country presented the presentation about all the mobilities held, the work on the business plan and the activities they did during the whole project period. In the afternoon, students from each country presented the e-shop they created. Afterwards, students were shopping products and services from e-shops each other and subsequently, each country issued the invoice and presented it to the others. Students had a chance to compare the invoices with each country. 

On the third day of the project meeting, the 3rd April 2019, we visited Wallachian open-air museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. It was very interesting and educational trip, as the students had an opportunity to learn a lot of information about Wallachian traditional life, culture and customs of people who lived there in the period from late 19th till early 20th century. 

On the fourth day, the 4th April 2019, we attended the final conference. After welcoming of the guests – the president of the Czech and Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers Katarina Haring, the mayor of the town Nový Jičín Stanislav Kopecký, the founder of secondary vocational school Educa Lidmila Kramolišová and other entrepreneurs, our project, its goals and all the project meetings held during the whole project period were introduced. Afterwards, students from each country presented the presentations about their country, the school they attend, the fictive company they created and the business plan they elaborated during the whole project. We finished the conference with the final speech and debates about the introduced Business plans. 

In the afternoon, we enjoyed the inspirational fashion show prepared and performed by students of Educa.  


The last day of the project meeting, the 5th April 2019, students from each country prepared and presented the final speech where they highlighted all the positive things they experienced and learned during the whole project and also they thanked to the teachers for their effort, support, help and organising the project. Then, the students enjoyed educative and funny game competition about the EU information – Jeopardy game. The final project meeting was ended with the debate about the following activities and the web page modification.  


The two-year project with the project meetings and visiting of all three countries was full of experiences, acquiring and strengthening friendships, learning a lot about the culture of each country, deepening business knowledge, as well as communication and organizational abilities and, the last but not least, gaining valuable skills while accomplishing all the project activities. 



Photos and videos from the meeting: 

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5th day: