The third mobility – Lučenec / Slovakia – 01/10/2018 – 05/10/2018 


Hello everyone, 


We would like to introduce you our third mobility week of the project Business throughout Europe in the frame of the programme Erasmus+ KA2. 


It was held in Lučenec, Slovakia. We welcomed students from the Czech Republic and France at our school Obchodná akadémia Lučenec. 


Let me remind you what is Business throughout Europe project about. The project Business throughout Europe is focused on establishing three fictitious companies with a different target in different European countries, through the mutual cooperation of schools. The participants of the project now are groups of the third-year students who are working on setting up a business, create a business plan and at the end they will check its functionality for two-year period.  


The second mobility week started on Monday 1st October 2018 and finished on Friday 5th October 2018. For all participants of the project were prepared a lot of activities. Let´s have a look of these photos and comments.  


We opened the third meeting of the project Erasmus +, Business throughout Europe on the 1st October 2018. We welcomed the project partners from Czech Republic and France in the national cultural monument, Synagogue in Lučenec and had an interesting tour where we have learned lots of interesting historical facts about Jews in Lučenec region. 


Then we moved to our our school, Obchodná akadémia Lučenec. First, our headmistress Ing. Katarína Benčíková had a welcoming speech. She wished us interesting and educative experience and a lot of pleasant moments during our project meeting.  


Then we showed students and teachers from Czech Republic and France our school – they had a chance to see our special classrooms with technical and multimedia equipment, school gym, school yard, special classrooms for professional subjects, such as Fictional company, Administration and others. They learned a lot about the way of teaching, education and subjects that are provided at our school. 


Afterwards the students started their first workshop where they discussed the project issues and innovations and meet other groups with their progress at work on their business plans.  


The second working day we had a welcome meeting at the Town Hall of Lučenec with vice-mayor Pavol Baculík. He told us interesting facts about the town of Lučenec, and expressed positive feelings towards our project Business throughout Europe. He emphasized the great opportunity that young people have – they can travel, meet other nationalities, improve their English and learn a lot of interesting information about business in each country. After his speech, we had a historical tour of the Town Hall where students learnt a lot about the history of Lučenec. 


In the afternoon, the students from each country had a presentation of the business plan of their fictional company. They presented following information they continued working on in their business plans. Each presentation was followed by a discussion between students about their business plans and fictional companies.  


Then, the students from Slovakia had a presentation about advertising their fictional company, and enhancing their sales and profit. Also they introduced their promotional products.  


Afterwards, the students from Czech Republic and France were asked to discuss and suggest the ways of advertising of their fictional companies - how and where they are going to advertise their company to sell more and make a better profit. Also, they suggested which promotional products and materials they could offer their customers. 


At the end, students voted for the funniest photo – students from the Czech republic announced the competition „the funniest photo“at our last meeting in France, and so students from each country sent funny photos to the Czech students, they made a selection of three best/funniest photos (one from each country) and at the end, students from each country voted for one - the funniest photo. Students from Slovakia were winners. 

On the third day of the project meeting, the 3rd October 2018, we went for a very interesting and educational excursion to the regional family company SONNE CRYSTAL, s.r.o in Poltár. After welcoming, we had a lecture with presentation about the founding and history of the company, also about their business at the present. It was followed with the discussion where students asked the questions they interested them. Then students had a quiz competition about the information they heard, and after we had the factory tour where students had a chance to see all the process of grinding decorations on the glass products, the packing and expedition. Moreover, students had a chance to try to grind the decorations on their own.  


After the excursion, we experienced the breathtaking sightseeing tour of the reconstructed castle Galicia Nueva in Halič. We learnt an interesting information about the history of the castle and saw the most beautiful rooms in it.  


On the fourth day, the 4th October 2018, Slovak students introduced their e-shop web site of their fictional company to the French and Czech students. After, they taught the Czech and French students how to create their own e-shop web site of their fictional companies. Students were very interested when creating it.  


They will be able to finish the e-shops at home and on the next project meeting, each country will introduce their own e-shop and students will do online business between each other. In the afternoon, Slovak students had an educative presentation about doing business in Slovakia, followed by discussion with other students from Czech Republic and France.  


After, students had a very interesting meeting with the technical manager Roman Schiller from the significant regional company Schiller, s.r.o. First, Mr. Schiller introduced his company, talked about their history and also about the products they produce now and about an interesting cooperation that company has with schools. It was followed with the discussion between the students and Mr. Schiller.  


In the evening, the students from each country met and had a bowling tournament where they could deepen their friendships and had a lot of fun. 



The last day of the project meeting, the 5th October 2018, students from each country prepared and presented the final speech where they highlighted all the positive things, pros and cons they experienced and learned during the week of the project meeting, and also they thanked to the teachers for their effort, support, help and organising the meeting.  


After, the students had educative and funny game competition about the EU information. The project meeting was ended with the debate about the following activities that students have to do until the next project meeting.  


Also we discussed about the organisation and activities for the last project meeting that will be in Nový jičín, in the Czech Republic.  




Photos from the meeting: 

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