Hello everyone,


We would like to introduce you our second mobility week of the project Business throughout Europe in the frame of the program Erasmus+ Key Activity 2.

It was held in Épinal in France. We welcomed foreign students from Czechia and Slovakia at our school Lyceé Professional.






Let me remind you what is Business throughout Europe project about. The project Business throughout Europe is focused on establishing three fictitious companies with a different target in different European countries, through the mutual cooperation of schools. The participants of the project are groups of second-year students who are working on setting up a business, create a business plan and at the end they will check its functionality for two-year period. 

The second mobility week started on Monday 19th March 2018 and finished on Friday 23rd  March 2018. For all participants of the project were prepared a lot of activities. Let´s have a look of these photos.


Monday 19th March 18


The first day of our second project meeting we met our Czech and Slovak partners at school Lyceé Professional Viviani. We had a welcome and opening meeting with headmaster of the school. He welcomed our partners and wished all of us interesting and educative experience and a lot of pleasant moments during our project meeting.

After the welcoming, we had a discussion about previous meeting in Nový Jičín, in the Czech Republic. We reviewed our experience and interesting information we gained.

Later, we had a welcome meeting at Épinal City Hall. Vice Mayor welcomed us and expressed positive feelings towards our project Business throughout Europe, and emphasized the great opportunity that young people have – they can travel,  meet other nationalities, improve their English and  learn a lot of interesting information. Also, he told us about a long term partnership and cooperation of Épinal town with Nový Jičín.




In the afternoon, we had a meeting, presentations and a competition at Lyceé Professional Viviani school, in Épinal. Students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and France presented their presentations about their fictional firms they created.



Later, students were divided into groups – mixed nationalities, so they could train their English and get to know each other better.



Also we had a chance to visit different classrooms, schoolrooms and school library. Also, we learned a lot about the way of teaching, education and subjects that is provided at the school which was very interesting.








Tuesday, 20th March 2018

Second day we continued at our work on the business plans. Each group of students presented the name of their company, their logo, the type and aim of the business and also a part of their business plan.



Afterwards we had a workshop. The groups of students discussed about their companies in detail, they asked questions each other about the business plans, and discussed what they are planning to do the next in their business plans.



After lunch we had a look at our project web site and our Czech partners presented us the visualization of the project logo we have chosen on the first meeting.





In the afternoon, we visited the museum L’imaginarie d’Epinal where we had a great opportunity to see the exhibition of historical printing machines and how the illustrations are still produced here by the historical ways and techniques.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018

On Wednesday we visited the monument and the museum in Darney, commemorating the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918.







We had a chance to see the exhibition of different objects, paintings and maps reminding the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic. It was a great experience because we learnt a lot of new historical information.










In the afternoon, we went to an excursion in the small family company Fabrique de Confiserie DELISVOSGES where organic, hand-made candies are produced. It was very special because there are only a few such small family companies preserved in the whole Europe.








In the evening, all the students and teachers met at the Bowling game room. We played bowling, had a lot of fun, and chatted with each other.






Thursday, 22nd March 2018

The fourth mobility day the French partners presented us an information about setting a business in France, about different types of companies and how business is done in France.






Later, we had an interesting presentation about the French company Bonnard. We learnt how it was established, what type of business it is and the overall running of it. After the presentation, students asked the questions about the business they were interested in.



In the afternoon we visited Strasbourg. We did sightseeing of the significant buildings of the city. Students enjoyed the beautiful and historical sites and learnt about the history of the city.


The last day, 23rd March 2018

The last mobility day, all of us discussed the following activities for the next project meeting in Slovakia. Also our Czech partners announced the competition for the funniest photo that students will take and the evaluation of the competition will be carried out on our next project meeting in Slovakia.

Afterwards they had again a competition, the quiz about the EU. Students had a lot of fun, but on the other side, they learnt more about the EU and its states.






All the students had a great experience again, have seen a lot of beautiful places, sites and visited interesting museums. They had a chance to know each other better, deepen their friendships and had a great opportunity to practice communicating in English. Also, they have learnt interesting information about doing business in France.